6 May 2016

Woman Quit Her Job And Went Sailing Around The Globe With Her Rescue Kitty (19 pics)

34 year-old Liz Clark, a former bartender and a self-proclaimed “she-pirate,” quit her job in San Diego, California in 2006 and has been sailing around the world since. She was offered a Cal 40 sailboat with only one condition: she had to document all her adventures. Naturally, “Captain Lizzy” took this opportunity. In 2013 she welcomed aboard a 6-month old kitten that she rescued. Now the two of them are inseparable and share a life full of adventures.

Liz Clark has been sailing around the world since 2006 when she quit her job as a bartender
Clark was given a Cal 40 sailboat on the condition that she would document her adventures around the world

In 2013, she welcomed a 6-month-old kitten that she rescued aboard and named her Amelia

The feral kitten was skinny and hungry but Clark saw a  “commanding lioness air and carefree bravado” in her

“She has adapted to living surrounded by water”


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