11 Apr 2016

Photography Is Banned From North Korea, But This Guy Smuggled These Photos Out

For many people around the world, North Korea is a very mysterious place. The Democratic People’s Republic Of Korea is a nation ruled by dictator Kim Jung Un. He inherited his rule from his father, Kim Jung Il, who died in 2011. Both men are known for ruling with an iron fist. Travel in and out of the country is extremely restricted, and it is very hard to get the opportunity to visit. One photographer was able to get permission to travel inside the veiled Communist state. Photography is also extremely restricted, and in many areas even prohibited. Nonetheless, this photographer wanted to capture the reality of goes on inside the country, not just the staged scenes for outsiders that many others have been shown. He was able to smuggle many illegal pictures out of the country, and he was kind enough to share them on the internet. Check out the deplorable conditions, and the constant fear these people live through everyday.


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