28 Mar 2016

Sisters Realized They Were Loaded Thanks To Instagram (30 pics)

Sisters Lana and Stephy Scolaro claim that they learned about their comfortable financial situation thanks to social networks. Watching their life and comparing it with the lives of other young people made them realize that not all kids are used to a lavish lifestyle, can hire their own chef, or take their private jet and go on vacation...

Lana, 21, was the stand-out star of last year’s documentary Rich Kids of Instagram, which saw her flitting from one golden sandy beach to another, taking in super yachts, flashy cars and gallons of champagne in the process. Her 23-year-old sister Stephy was briefly featured in the show, too.

Their lavish lifestyles have won them hordes of social media fans, but it wasn’t until they reached their teens that they realized their lives were unusual.


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