17 Mar 2016

Bamboo Tree House In Bali Is A Dream Come True

When Elora was just 9 years old, her mother asked her what her dream home would look like. This is the drawing that captured Elora’s perfect house. It would inspire the rest of her life and guide her to where she is and what she is doing today.
Elora’s parents surprised her by building her dream house! Her dad was a huge advocate of using bamboo for the structure. He saw so much potential in the material and thought that if used right, it could revolutionize the construction industry all together. Elora has taken her parents’ passion one step further and is creating some absolutely magnificent homes, tree houses, and structures in Indonesia made entirely out of bamboo.

Her designs are completely functional works of art. Her material choice is unique and beautiful, as no two pieces of bamboo are alike. This creates many challenges, but offers an immense reward if used properly. Her designs are based around the tapering and curved shaped of the sustainable and eco-friendly resource.

Elora and her team of designers and engineers create these structures, keeping in mind that bamboo is not your typical building material. It has the compressive force of concrete, the strength-to-weight ratio of steel, and is one of the fastest growing plants on the planet. Some species can grow 12 inches or more in a day. Bamboo also grows easily on un-farmable land, saving space for harvesting. Because of its strength, designers take advantage and use the curves to their benefit. In this bamboo tree house in Bali, they’ve implemented a bamboo bridge to enter the dwelling. How beautiful is that for a front entry?

Elora and her team at Ibuku have built over 50 unique structures, mostly in Bali. As no two pieces of bamboo are alike, each structure is an individual with its own personality and character. She is throwing traditional building design and technique right out the window and inspiring people around the world to rethink their ways and materials.

Every single element in these homes is completely unique and specific for the material used. Take a look at a typical rectangle door in your home. Gravity will forever be pulling at those hinges. Gravity always wins, so Elora wanted to revamp the traditional design that has been used for centuries. She created tear drop shaped and round doors that hinge in the middle offering greater support and better durability. The round shapes are more soothing and inviting. They are natural shapes that flow with the surrounding environment.

It can be very difficult to create a roof structure without the use of 2×4’s and drywall. Well, with some serious weaving and following the natural curves of bamboo, these roofs are strong, lightweight, and absolutely stunning. They fit right into the natural surroundings. It can get very hot in Indonesia, so the roofs and ceilings mimic giant leaves. They not only offer shade, but they capture the light breezes and actually cool the homes down.

These unique structures are designed for you personally and whatever you may need. You can keep them simple, just like you would imagine a treehouse in Bali would be like, or you can fill them with modern amenities, like air conditioning, full working kitchens, plumbing, or even cable television. Size doesn’t matter either. There are some bamboo homes that Elora has designed and built that have over 6 levels!

The homes are almost entirely made from bamboo which was once a very big problem. Asian cultures have been using bamboo for centuries, but not one bamboo building that was built in the past is standing today. Even remote villagers say they would never live in a bamboo home. The reason is that bamboo is very susceptible to weather and bugs. Thanks to a new treating process, this will never be a problem again. They found that borax, a naturally occurring salt, actually treats the bamboo for weather and keeps the bugs away. It is completely natural as well, so there is no detrimental effect on the environment. Elora stated that, “Bamboo will treat you well if you use it right”. She has obviously proven this with these incredibly beautiful organic structures.

This is the fourth floor living room on one of her designs. It overlooks a vast valley. The owners wanted a kitchen and a TV room built into this home. Elora decided that vertical walls would completely take away from her vision so she decided to keep the walls open and build a roof that would protect the interior, as well as capture the breezes flowing up from the valley. In the left of the image, the TV room is actually a woven cave made solely from bamboo! It needed to have some shade to prevent glare but still fit with the natural design of the home. Notice the oval swivel door leading into the cave.


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