4 Mar 2016

Abandoned Funeral Homes

1. Berlin, Germany – Beelitz-Heilstatten Morgue
This building was once a tuberculosis sanatorium, but then was turned into a military hospital during World War I. In fact, Adolf Hitler was actually treated here. It now sits abandoned on the outskirts of Berlin, but the architecture is extremely coveted.

2. Oregon State Hospital
In the basement of the Oregon State Hospital, there were shelves that were filled with copper canisters that had names on them, but over time the writing had faded. When photographer David Maisel took a closer look, he realized that each canister held the remains of psychiatric patients that once stayed there. Since then, they have removed the canisters, laying them to rest in a respectful place.

3. Maryland – Glenn Dale Hospital
The Glenn Dale Hospital used to be a tuberculosis sanatorium. It is located on 260 acres in Maryland’s Prince Georges County. It was first thought that his hospital was used to house the criminally insane. When it closed, these criminals were just released into the general public. But a lot of these criminals actually went back to Glenn Dale Hospital after it was closed because they had no where else to go and they thought of this as their home.

4. New York – Hudson River State Hospital
The Hudson River State Hospital was once thought to be one of the premiere mental health hospitals in the United States. While it was thought to be premiere, the residents would tell you a different story. Due to a lot of corruption and financial constraints, this facility closed in 2003. You can visit it now, but it’s been abandoned for twelve years.

5. St. Louis, Missouri – Leidner Funeral Home
What once was a beautiful Victorian mansion was then transformed into a funeral home, which is now abandoned. Unfortunately due to the recession, this now abandoned funeral home is falling apart piece by piece as thieves break in and steal anything they can to sell for a little bit of money.

6. Belgium – Mortuarium Schoonselhof
Unfortunately this abandoned morgue was demolished in 2007. Before being demolished, this building was used for autopsies and was home to a 12-cadaver freezer along with two operating tables. When it was abandoned, all of the tools were left behind including bone saws and embalming fluids.

7. San Francisco, California – Public Health Service Hospital
This former Public Health Service Hospital closed its doors in 1981, but was 100% abandoned by 1988. This is one of those hospitals where you can still visit. If you do, make sure you go to the morgue. It still has all of the abandoned equipment that was left behind, giving it a very spooky feel.

8. Cambridge, England – Military Hospital
This hospital opened its doors in 1879, but then closed them officially more than 100 years later in 1996. It was a military hospital so it helped treat wounded soldiers in all the major wars England was involved in during that time. It has since been visited by many urban explorers upon closing, and it has a bit of an eery feel as the morgue is being overgrown with nature.

9. Surrey, England – St. Peter’s Hospital Mortuary
This mortuary was originally built to help with the wounded soldiers of World War II, but it was quickly filled up due to the mass casualties. The floors are still stained and the steel tables that are still inside give this mortuary a very somber feel. It is now abandoned, but continued to operate until 2009 when they officially closed the doors.

10. England – West Middlesex Hospital
This once very busy community hospital was built in 1894 but was closed because it was declared unsafe to use. In 2003, they built a brand new building right next to this old, abandoned hospital. The West Middlesex Hospital is scheduled to be demolished, but for now it stands in the shadows of the new building. This old building is still full of equipment and embalming fluids.

11. Essex, England – Harold Wood Hospital Morgue


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