3 Feb 2016

This “Vibrant Diversity” Meme will Shut Liberals Up IMMEDIATELY

Progressives, who profess to be advocates for women’s rights, seem to be deaf, dumb, and blind to the heinous treatment of women in the Islamic world.
Our liberal friends continuously malign the West as a greedy, cruel, exploitative, war-mongering criminal responsible for all the world’s imperfections, as they herald multiculturalism and non-Western cultures that treat minorities poorly.
Multiculturalism is not about respecting or celebrating cultural diversity.
Instead it’s about criticizing Western civilization.
The leftist harps on about how horrible Christians are for disagreeing with baking gay wedding cakes,whine  about transgender bathrooms, and  women’s access to birth control.
But when it comes to Islam, the most intolerant of the “intolerant,” you’re all called intolerant an “Islamophobe” who has not tolerance for cultural diversity.
Sharia law, female genital mutilation, first-cousin intermarriage and now homegrown jihadis.  Diversity… what a concept.


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