14 Feb 2016

Mom Loses Her Wedding Ring and You Won’t Believe Where It Turned Up (6 pics)

“We decided to have our baby X-rayed just in case,” the father said.
Welcome to the wonderful world of parenthood. Their baby had indeed swallowed his mother’s ring. Good news is the ring quickly passed, as it didn’t seem to cause any pain on the way out. You would think this is a rare occasion, right? It actually happens more than one would expect.

Here we have a 3-year-old from Oregon who underwent surgery to remove a strand of 37 buckyball magnets.

Reminder: Keep kids away from batteries. This toddler consumed a battery which isn’t good for the body as it can erode human tissue. Luckily moderne medicine exists, and this youngster passed it without a hitch.

This little girl actually has butterflies in her stomach. She got a little too excited about her new butterfly clip on her birthday, and magically ate it. This just goes to show that when those packages warn to keep small objects away from small children, this is what they’re talking about, be safe.


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