4 Feb 2016

Meme Perfectly MOCKS Hillary’s “Victory” in First Caucus

The Iowa caucus has finally come and while Texas Sen. Ted Cruz was declared the Republican winner, the Democratic race is a hot mess.
After watching Grandma Hillary crow about how she won Iowa on Monday and how she plans to continue onto New Hampshire standing on her record, one would be under the impression that she won fair and square.
But we now all know that is not the case.
Bernie got BERNED!
But he has been a Democrat long enough to know that voter fraud is an integral part of any Dem strategy.
It’s going to be a long election season, and clearly Hillary Clinton and her team will stop at nothing to win the Democrat nomination.
Even though Clinton struggles to be “likable,” she has been grooming practically her whole life to become President of the United States and she has no qualms about lying, cheating, and stepping on any one on her way to get there.
We all need to be watching for these types of irregularities like hawks if we want the will of the voter to mean anything in this nation.


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