3 Feb 2016

Disney Princesses Go to the Gyno, Tested for STDs in New Artwork Featured by Forbes

There was a time when America was more pure and wholesome, but the progressive fringe is hijacking the culture and the evidence of it is widespread.
Children are being taught about gay history in elementary school. The manufactures of Barbie have given the fashion doll a make-over to look like Lena Dunham. And Iconic comic book superheroes are now gay or “gender-fluid.”
Progressives ruin everything in the name of Leftism. It’s their thing.
Now, Disney princesses are being used as models for Cervical Cancer Awareness Month and sex education.
From Newsbusters:
Forbes wants young women to know that Disney princesses are sexual beings. Just like them.
In January, writer and sex-ed speaker Danielle Sepulveres paired up with artist Maritza Lugo for Cervical Cancer Awareness Month to create pictures of the Disney princesses visiting gynecologists. Forbes contributor Tara Haelle publicized the story of how “even Disney princesses need to take responsibility for their reproductive health.”
According to Haelle, Sepulveres “became frustrated” after trying to pitch stories for Gynecological Cancer Awareness Month in September. As a result, she took “a new approach to catch people’s attention” in January.
That new strategy consisted of showing that Disney princesses have (consequences after) sex too. And it worked: Forbes, the Huffington Post and others in the media latched on to the idea.
“Almost every day my timeline on social media is bombarded with re-imagined Disney princesses in one way or another and most people get a huge kick out of it,” Sepulveres told Haelle. “So one day it hit me—had anyone ever drawn them going to the gynecologist before?”
Not only do Lugo’s pictures show Mulan’s cervical cancer screening or Tiana’s HPV vaccine, but also they show Cinderella’s STD testing, Belle’s emergency contraception and Jasmine’s “family planning” education. Of course young women – all human beings – need to take care of their bodies. But not necessarily in the ways Sepulveres insists (especially at a time when “family planning” is code for “abortion”).
And, well, it’s rather demeaning to assume that all young women are sleeping around. Or that we take our cues from her sexualized Disney princesses. “After Belle marries the Beast and Tiana opens her restaurant with Naveen and Aladdin and Jasmine fly off to see the world on a magic carpet honeymoon…then what?” Haelle asked in her piece for Forbes. “As they’re living happily ever after, there’s probably some sex involved at some point. And that means even Disney princesses need to take responsibility for their reproductive health.”
Again, what are they promoting, and who are they promoting it to?
Newsflash: teenagers are not interested in Disney princesses. Little girls are and they move on from Disney princesses well before they are ten.
This is business as usual for the sexual education/abortion provider/big pharma industrial complex.
Then again, what could we ever expect from people who hang their hats on the destruction of traditional American values?


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