19 Jan 2016

This Meme has the Perfect Place to Begin Making Budget Cuts to Shrink Government Spending

You know, politicians in the government — and their liberal cohorts in culture — act as if balancing a budget and paying off debt is impossible, like it takes a miracle to dig out of the hole.

In reality, all it takes is a reduction in spending, living within our means, and applying that money towards paying off debt.

Since reducing spending is the first step, this meme tells us the perfect place to start making the cuts.

Couldn’t agree more!

Being involved in government was never designed to be a career path, but an honorable civic duty, a service to your fellow citizen.

Now it’s our nation’s largest welfare program.

It’s also tragic that our soldiers, who put their lives on the line, get such a pitiful amount, while those who send them to fight and die get rich off tax dollars.

This needs to change, and the perfect way to make that happen is by shrinking Congress’ salary.


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