18 Jan 2016

This Gun Owner’s Sign Is Clever… Liberals Aren’t a Fan

As human beings, we are born with the natural and inherent right of self-defense.  As Americans, that right is protected by the Second Amendment, which guarantees that we will always have the right to keep and bear arms, for self-defense or other purposes.
Unfortunately, there are a number of politicians and rich liberal activists who don’t agree with that right, or the Constitutional amendment which protects it, and they are doing their best to infringe upon that right, trying to take our guns away and leave us defenseless, dependent upon the government to keep us safe.
The Obama administration has used regulatory and law enforcement agencies, along with unratified and unconstitutional international treaties, not to mention “gun free zones“, to try and take away our guns and leave us disarmed.  While they haven’t had any legislative success with gun control, several states have,California being a prime example.
But we gun owners are proud of our guns, and we aren’t going to give them up easily.  We aren’t afraid to let others know how we feel about our guns either, or what we intend to use them for.  Pro-gun t-shirts or tattoosare one route some gun owners may choose, while simple, yet effective, yard signs are another.
nothing inside is worth dying for
A person’s home is their sanctuary, their castle, so to speak.  Hence, “Castle Doctrine” laws, which most states have, which recognize the right of the people to use deadly force to defend themselves and their homes.
In this day and age, as societal norms steadily crumble, and the very fabric of decent humanity is at risk of being torn, it is more important than ever that people be armed for their own protection.  There are bad people in this world who are intent on doing bad things.  But there is one thing that almost always stops a bad guy, and that is a good guy (or gal) with a gun.
There are endless stories of potential robbers and rapistshome intrudersstalkers and the like, who have found out the hard way that not everyone in America today is a disarmed sitting duck in a liberal utopian paradise known as a “gun free zone”.
In fact, many people’s homes are most definitely not gun free, and these homes will often be the last one that a criminal breaks into.  A sign like the one above can be a potent reminder to a criminal that he would be wise to pick another target, if he wants to continue being a living and breathing criminal that is.


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