18 Jan 2016

The Questions Asked About Each Candidate On Google Before The Debate Are Hilarious

Leading up to tonight’s Democratic debate (I forgot about it too don’t worry) Google compiled the top 3 questions that people were searching for an answer to regarding each candidate.
The results were pretty funny and spoke volumes about the overall state of each campaign.
Here is Bernie.
Here is Martin O’Malley.
Here is our favorite criminal Hillary Clinton.
These questions perfectly sum up each of these individual campaigns.
No rational person knows why Bernie is so popular and the question of whether or not he can win is on everyone’s mind every time he speaks.
Is Martin O’Malley running for president? Hard to tell. He is in tonight’s debate, but I haven’t seen him in weeks so I can’t confirm or deny he is actually still a candidate.
And Hillary. The #1 question on everyone’s mind is will she get prosecuted.
Can’t say I have the answer to that one.
Hopefully some of these questions will be answered shortly.


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