5 Jan 2016

The FBI is now tracking animal cruelty cases around the nation compiling a database of the crimes. The FBI will use the data to find patterns and identify ways to prevent animal cruelty.

Animal cruelty has become such a problem for law enforcement the FBI is taking action.
Beginning in January of 2016 the FBI will track animal cruelty cases in Ohio and the nation.
Before now, animal abuse fell under an ‘other’ category lumped together with other less serious crimes, said Mark Kumpf with the Montgomery County Animal Resource Center.
The FBI already has national databases for crimes like murder and rape.  Now, law enforcement will track animal cruelty as well.
“This is the biggest change out of the FBI. This is a giant leap forward and people in law enforcement are hitting the ground running,” said Kumpf.
Local investigators will upload each cruelty case to the database. The cases will be divided into four categories: animal neglect, torture, organized abuse, like dog fighting rings and animal sex abuse.
The FBI will use the data to find patterns and identify ways to prevent animal cruelty.
“If someone is going to beat a dog and torture a dog, their not that far from doing that to a human,” said Marcia Doncaster, Miami County dog warden.
Doncaster says currently her office has three open animal abuse cases.
“This is going to give not just national authorities, but local authorities the correlation between animal cruelty and child abuse and neglect, assaults, homicides, gang violence and show where those offenses occur and where others are also likely to occur,” said Kumpf.
Both Kumpf and Doncaster see dozens of these cases of every year. They hope the database could eventually lead to stiffer laws.


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