21 Jan 2016

Romanian photographer shows the different lives in 10 identical apartments

10th Floor
Apartment #52. The photographer, Bogan Gîrbovan.

9th Floor
Apartment #47. Mrs. Bita, retired, living there since 1967, and by herself since 1996. Apartment owner.

8th Floor
Apartment #42. The Ene’s, retired, living here since 1967. Mr. Ene has been bedridden for several years. Apartment owners.

7th Floor
Apartment #37. Ionut lives by himself and, according to Mr. Cojanu Ilie (president of the apartment block), “He’s some philanderer and has a hearing problem; a good lad nonetheless and will certainly let you take his photo.” Apartment owner.

6th Floor
Apartment #32. Public figure, refused to give a name or appear in the photograph. Temporary lodger, a tenant.

5th Floor
Apartment #27. Mrs. Suhariuc Ioana, retired. Living here since 1967, and living by herself since 1982. Together with the cat since 1989. Owner of the flat.

4th Floor
Apartment #22. Don Lukas (did not give his name, preferring to appear under his alias), recently returned from Spain, lives together with his girlfriend.

3rd Floor
Apartment #17. Apartment for sale, owners living abroad. By courtesy of the apartment block president, Mr. Cojanu Ilie, who has the key to the apartment, I managed to photograph the apartment, and he agreed to appear in the frame under one condition: “I will not look into the camera… you know, I’m the president of the apartment block, after all.”

2nd Floor
Apartment #12. Mother and daughter, two distinguished ladies (refused to make their names public). The daughter, former athlete, travelled a lot, visited museums, moved in with her mother after her husband passed away. Apartment owners.

1st Floor
Apartment #7. A lady living by herself (refused to make her name public), retired, worked as a banknotes designer before 1989. She’s been living here for 10 years. Apartment owner.


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