13 Jan 2016

Please Don't Fall For This Idiotic Facebook Post About The Powerball

The drawing for the $1.5 billion Powerball is Wednesday, January 13, and it's causing the Internet to lose its collective mind — particularly when it comes to relatively simple functions, like basic mathematics. 
A meme has been circulating on Facebook which asserts that whoever wins the jackpot could "solve poverty" by splitting the $1.5 billion with the rest of the U.S. population. The meme-creator claimed that, with roughly 300 million people in the country, sharing the money would give every person $4.33 million.

The post was shared over one million times on Facebook, so evidently people were quite moved by this idea. 
If every person in the United States received an equal share of the Powerball fortune, then we would all enjoy a grand total of four dollars and some change. 
People immediately began posting retorts to the outlandish claim. 

Not exactly $4 million, is it? It's like when so many people became convinced thatHam Dog, the dog with ham on his face, was actually a pet who had been horribly burned while trying to save his family from a fire. 
So, please just remember, before you share anything — don't forget to crunch the numbers first. 


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