18 Jan 2016

Mini Homes That Make the Perfect Holiday Spots (24 pics)

Getaway is a start-up created by the Harvard Innovation lab and it features these awesome mini-homes planted in the middle of the forest.
Guests can book these adorable little domiciles for $99 a night with one sole purpose - getting away from it all.

"We really want you to do nothing at all." That's Jon Staff's motto, CEO of Getaway.

Staff was inspired by his experiences living in an Amsterdam trailer and says the small space forced him out into the world.

The first home to be designed and built by Getaway is the Ovida.

It's located about 2 hours outside of Boston somewhere in a secluded forest.

Even though the Ovida is small, it offers all of the amenities of your typical house.

We're talking board games, snacks, some books...

And of course the essentials like a heater (propane powered)...


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