19 Jan 2016

Hillary Clinton Says Something so Ironic About People Going to Jail It’ll Blow Your Mind

Democrats held another debate over the weekend — during a time when absolutely no one would be watching of course— and while there was quite a bit of malarkey floating around the atmosphere, nothing will top Hillary Clinton’s ironic statement about “powerful people” going to prison.

Seriously, this will blow your mind.

Here’s how the Internet responded.

I can’t believe these words are about to slip out of my mouth, but I actually agree with Hillary on this one.

However, seeing as how I’m a big fan of consistency, I think the whole “not too powerful to go to jail thing” should absolutely be applied to the former secretary of state.

She should truly put her Clinton cash where her mouth is and admit she’s a corrupt, lying politician who covered up the deaths of Americans in Benghazi and has violated federal law by using private emails to conduct government business.


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