15 Jan 2016

Dad's Response To 6-Year-Old’s Request For A Loan Is The Daddest Ever

Remember how exciting payday (AKA allowance day) was as a kid? Back in those days one buck felt like a fortune, let alone a twenty dollar bill. Granted, stuff kids wanted to buy was cheaper back then. So mostly candy and ice cream and toys. Ahh, the 90’s. But I digress.
Toys are more expensive now, like at least an entire piggy-bank of allowance money more expensive. Which is why a certain 6-year-old was left no choice but to ask for a $20 advance from dad to go towards buying a toy he wanted. Posted by Reddit user Otto303, the response can only be described as Dad Level 1,000. 

Most enjoyable is the suggestion to contact the "complaint department" (mom), although dad's commitment towards creating a credible bank logo is highly impressive as well.


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