7 Jan 2016

A Republican Lawmaker Says If Women Can Go Topless, He Can Grab Them At Will

There is a current state law in New Hampshire that allows both men and women to expose their nipples in public whenever they please. So, you know, a law that lets everyone regardless of gender appear in public topless.  Not surprisingly, there are some Republicans who would like to change this law... however, just for the women of New Hampshire. Not the men.
A recent proposed bill (which makes the exception for breastfeeding) would make it illegal for a woman to "purposely expos[e] the areola or nipple of her breast or breasts in a public place." Again, status quo for the men, this only applies to women.
New Hampshire state Rep. Amanda Bouldin, a Democrat, was pretty pissed about this bill and took to her Facebook to voice her frustrations. It didn't take long before her Republican state rep colleagues commented on her post.
DID YOU READ THAT? Here it again (with grammar and spelling fixed) in case you only skimmed it.
"If it's a woman's natural inclination to pull her nipple out in public and you support that, then you should have no problem with a man's inclination to stare at it and grab it."

But Moore wasn't the only Republican Rep. who had something to say regarding women's breasts. AL Baldasaro, another Republican state Rep., chimed in with his own opinion, though he mostly focused Amanda's in particular. 

Slate spoke to Amanda Bouldin regarding the bill and these comments made by her colleagues:
The idea that a man can be topless because his nipples aren’t sexual is bizarre. I certainly find men’s nipples sexual! If men being topless wasn’t sexual, they’d have to take off their pants to attract any women. We know that topless men are sexual. But apparently only topless men are allowed to display their sexuality. Women are not.
Bouldin says she has every intention to fighting this bill. 


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