23 Dec 2015

Right-Wingers Line Up To Bash Chelsea Clinton For Having A Baby, Being Happy

It seems that Chelsea Clinton is going to have another baby. “Good for her,” I thought. She’s already a great mom, successful and poised to be an inspiration for decades to come.
The article is all of 40 words long, mentioning Mark Mezvinski, Clinton’s husband — and the fact that the baby will be born while Hillary is on the campaign trail. Skimming TWZ is one thing, but it would seem that commenting there requires a different kind of mindset. One that hates…everything. One that will probably be voting for Donald Trump. The comments on a completely innocuous human interest piece about a former First Daughter having a baby turned into a den of iniquity faster than you can say “misogynist.”
What’s funny is the main focus when discussing someone like Chelsea Clinton is never how her success can largely be attributed to an education she was able to achieve through white privilege and her parents’ wealth, it is instead about her physical appearance, which is about as funny now as when Limbaugh started it in the 90s. Those who do bring up her success are quick to attribute it to her parents. While her parents and their place in the world certainly did contribute, Chelsea worked her butt off for the grades she got and deserved every bit of the position she holds at the Clinton Foundation.
So the imbeciles instead attack her for nothing at all, since the awkward little girl growing up in the white House blossomed into a beautiful young woman and mother of (soon to be) two:
Uh oh. That escalated quickly. From “Chelsea is ugly” to “Hillary Clinton is coming for your guns.” Seven years now of “Obama is comin’ fer yer gunz” and nothing. Are we really gonna start this already?
Classy aren’t they?
And that’s how your reputation gets started in conservative circles. The keywords we can look forward to as Chelsea Clinton gets older are ugly, entitled and undeserving. Three things she most definitely is not. You can visit the comments section on TMZ HEREand have some fun trolling the trolls.


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