21 Dec 2015

Reason Hillary Late To Debate Stage Is PERFECT Metaphor For Life As Working Woman In America

While so many want to pretend like workplace inequality doesn’t exist, it does. Women who are just as equally talented, if not more so than their male colleagues, are expected to somehow prove themselves as a worthy employee or leader.  Not only do men get the “bro” pass of being considered exemplary all because they have an extra appendage between their legs, but their path to these roles in the workplace are often far easier.
There was no better real life example of how much harder women need to work to prove themselves and overcome obstacles that simply aren’t there for men than what happened to Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton at the most recent Democratic debate.
During one of the commercial breaks of the debate, all of the candidates were given the chance to use the restroom. By the time the debate resumed, Hillary was not yet back. And while many chose to say that she’s unprofessional, or simply a “woman” and incapable of using the restroom and getting back, there were actual logistical obstacles in her path that prevented her from getting back to the stage. Obstacles that weren’t there for the male candidates.

While the men had a bathroom very close to the debate stage outside the St. Anselm College gymnasium in New Hampshire, the women’s restroom for Hillary’s use was much farther away. She had exactly one minute and 45 seconds to get to the restroom, and one minute and 45 seconds to return from the restroom and get back behind her podium.
According to the New York Times:
“Aides said they had been concerned during the walk through before the debate that the ladies room was such a schlep. The campaign’s vice chairwoman, Huma Abedin, had timed the distance to and from the podium and expressed concerns to organizers, but the gymnasium setting meant there were no closer options. She relayed to Mrs. Clinton that she would have to be speedy, said several aides involved in the debate planning.”
Upon her return to the stage where the debate had already resumed with Bernie Sanders and Martin O’Malley, Clinton made the best of her tardiness with a deadpan “sorry” and a smile. However, neither of the men had to even worry about returning late to the stage to begin with, because their journey to the restroom was much closer and easier to get to.
Before you read this and think to yourself, “wow, this chick is making a mountain out of a mole hill.” Am I? Or am I being brutally honest on a topic so many like to ignore because it’s inconvenient to talk about women in the workplace stepping on men’s toes on their way to the top, so they have obstacles placed in their way. Not only do women have to outperform their male counterparts, they are subject to harsher criticism that men just simply don’t receive. For instance, what Hillary wears, her age… all things a male candidate doesn’t have to deal with, or they’re told that age equals maturity and experience.


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