31 Dec 2015

New York Daily News’ Bill Cosby Cover Perfectly Illustrates America’s Rape Problem

The New York Daily News is quite well known for its genius — and refreshingly honest — covers, and they’ve done it again, this time with regards to the arrest of comedian Bill Cosby. The icon-turned-pariah has finally been charged with sexual assault after decades of hiding behind his fame, money, lawyers, influence, and, most importantly, the statutes of limitations in several states. It took nearly 60 women to come forward, but finally, just days before the statute ran out in Pennsylvania, he was charged. And, as happy as anyone who cares about justice is about that, it is actually the problem. That is where the NY Daily News cover comes in. The paper ran the Cosby story with this image:
cosby ny daily news
And that is just the problem with how America responds to sexual assault. This man has allegedly been on a decades-long career of serial rape, with dozens of women coming forward to accuse him, and it took until now for him to have to face the music on a legal level. Further, the real kicker is that there are still people who are acting like this is all some grand conspiracy to bring a beloved comedian and social icon to his knees.
This is why so many women don’t come forward when they are assaulted. The social and legal process is almost like being raped again — they are not believed, they are called liars and opportunists, and they are treated like criminals instead of victims. Yes, rape is almost always a crime of “He said, she said.” Unfortunately, especially when the alleged assailant is a rich, powerful man like Bill Cosby, the “He” part of that equation is the one believed. The fact that it took literally decades and nearly 60 women to nail Bill Cosby is proof of that.


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