25 Dec 2015

Michael Moore Has a Confession About Donald Trump – And He’d Rather It Not Be True

Filmmaker Michael Moore has gone out of his way to protest Donald Trump in recent weeks, particularly by standing in front of his hotel and holding up a sign that read “we are all Muslim.”
However, he just told Business Insider that he thinks Trump will absolutely win the GOP nomination for president.
Here is what he said:
“Donald Trump is absolutely going to be the Republican candidate for president of the United States.
It’s going from being a joke to being a serious reality.”
He couldn’t help but couch the notion in an idea that we are entering “darker times”:
“I think people are feeling more and more that we’ve moved back into a darker time.”
“Are we going to get dragged down the rabbit hole again?
“Are we going to lose another decade of making our country a better place and the world a better place because we’re so caught up in violence and war?”
Though Moore admitted that Trump is on track to win the Republican nomination, he does not think that he will win the general election.

He saves that honor for Bernie Sanders:
“I honestly believe that Bernie Sanders could be elected president of the United States.”
“I think people will pour out in droves to elect him and there’s just not enough angry white guys anymore over the age of 35 to put Trump in office.”
Michael Moore has a new film called “Where to Invade Next,” which is now playing in several cities.


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