23 Dec 2015


It’s like you can’t swing a cat on the Fox News Facebook page without smacking straight into a bunch of racist assholes. On Monday, the right-wing propaganda outlet shared a photo of an orangutan wearing a Santa hat at the “Animal Christmas Party” at the Malabon Zoo in the Phillippines. Most people would look at the photo of the primate and think “hey, that’s cute.” Some might have a problem with what they view as exploitation.
Some might not care. But to the crowd of vapid, racist bigots on Fox News’ Facebook page, it was none of those things — it was an excuse to spew racist hatred at the President.
Very quickly, the comment thread filled to bursting with remarks comparing the animal to President Obama and the First Lady, because what else does one expect from Fox viewers? “If Obama had a son?” one remarked. “Another democrat voter,” said another. Still others chimed in, adding, “Heck I thought that was Michelle Obama,” and “I didn’t know Obama celebrated Christmas” and more.
2015-12-21_17-41-102015-12-21_17-40-542015-12-21_17-40-412015-12-21_17-19-022015-12-21_17-18-272015-12-21_17-17-532015-12-21_17-17-342015-12-21_17-16-152015-12-21_17-15-342015-12-21_16-58-482015-12-21_16-58-282015-12-21_16-58-122015-12-21_16-57-552015-12-21_16-57-442015-12-21_16-57-122015-12-21_16-56-45The hatred that oozes from the meth-fueled cesspool of ignorance, fear, and bigotry that is the American Right is positively disgusting. Unfortunately, helped along by Donald Trump and conservative media, it is something with which we all must deal.
There isn’t a single thing the President does (or doesn’t do) that fails to bring about this reaction from the Stupid Part of America — but in this case, the President didn’t even need to be present. All they needed was an image they felt best represents him and his family, something that, to them, symbolizes him: an orangutan, a monkey, an ape, a gorilla, or anything similar.
Conservatives love to say that racism is over. In fact, a couple of years ago, Republicans tweeted that racism ended with Rosa Parks. In a 5-4 conservative majority decision, the Supreme Court declared racism over when it gutted the Voting Rights Act. A white girl whose grades were too terrible to get into the school of her choice is currently fighting a Supreme Court battle to end Affirmative Action because she and her lawyer think it’s no longer necessary in society.


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