25 Dec 2015

In Just 9 Charts, Barack Obama’s Economic “Recovery” Is Exposed!

Liberals have a unique way of defending President Barack Obama’s dangerous economic policies. The tricks of Keynesian economists are used by this administration to trumpet the relatively low unemployment rate, while using accounting tricks to hide just how much Obama has grown the size of the Federal Government.
But now that the 2015 fiscal year is closing, it’s time to be armed with the facts. While the media is focused on attacking Donald Trump and Dr. Ben Carson, ISIS is expanding its power and Russia is returning to its cold-war tactics.
And, thanks to Tyler at ZeroHedge, we have charts which show just how bad Obama’s domestic policies have been. Here are 9 charts you should save and share with your friends, as the media doesn’t want to talk about them! (Click the charts for a larger version.)
Let this be a lesson for how difficult it is for Republicans to win the White House. Democrats are willing to stop at nothing to use tax dollars to buy their voters through government programs. And as we can see (above), they have been very successful at that even while Obama destroys the American economy.

Read more: http://www.thepoliticalinsider.com/in-just-9-charts-barack-obamas-economic-recovery-is-exposed 


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