7 Dec 2015

Gun crime is more prevalent in the US than in other rich countries

Gun homicides are considerably more common in the US than in peer countries.There were 29.7 gun homicides per million people in the US in 2012, compared to only 5.1 per million in Canada, and 1.4 per million in Australia, according to the UN Office on Drugs and Crime. The following chart by Vox's Javier Zarracina summarizes how America compares:

A big part of this is that the US just has many more guns per capita than any other country:
Gun ownership rates don't explain all the variation in homicide rates; lots of poor countries, particularly in Central America, have gun homicide rates many times that of the United States.
But among developed countries, homicide is much, much higher in the US, even after the great crime drop of the 1990s, as this chart from Duke sociologist Kieran Healy illustrates. That holds up if you include non-firearm homicides, which Healy does:
healy assault gun


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