20 Dec 2015

Democratic Debate Sends Twitter On A Comedy Binge: Wait Till You Read Some Of These

Democratic debates for 2016 have developed a bit of a reputation, fairly or not, for being something of a snooze-fest. I think it should be celebrated that we are not as entertaining as watching Trump try to balance that weasel on his head while he says we should enact Nazi-era policies toward Middle Eastern people. However, if you were following the debate by only reading Twitter reactions from other people, it would have made you tune in immediately.
Several folks sought to liven up things a bit by providing some comedic play-by-play commentary. They certainly did not let us down.
An insightful tweeter helped us appreciate the debate more, by framing the “boring” myth very well.
Then suddenly everybody turned on Martin O’Malley as if he was the annoying little brother.
And then there was this one… Poor Marty.
Two Tweeters described the difference between Republican and Democratic debates perfectly.
Jeb Bush thought he was hip to this internet thing, but he quickly got reminded that he was not.
Possibly the best one of the night came in on the subject of the war on terror.
Comedy aside, the biggest winner of the debate was the Democratic voter base. The recent issue between Bernie, Hillary and the DNC was causing severe friction within our party and it was turning off Democratic voters, according to unofficial polling, in fewer than 48 hours of it breaking in the news. This could have caused another 2000 election “Nader effect”, throwing the Democratic base off to where we got the least qualified president in American history – and yes that is counting George W. Bush.
2016 is going to be an election against Fascism with Trump as the likely nominee, according to every poll. If there was ever a time Democrats simply cannot afford to stay home – it is now.


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