21 Dec 2015

Conservatives FLIP After Judge Gives ‘Baby Parts’ Liars The Worst News Of Their Lives

A federal judge has dashed the hopes and dreams of conservatives who continue to insist that Planned Parenthood ‘sells baby parts.’ David Daleiden and everyone associated with his deceptively-named Center for Medical Progress — the people whoencouraged Robert Lewis Dear to shoot up a Colorado Planned Parenthood facility with their lies — are likely on their knees in tears praying for a miracle after U.S. District Judge William Orrick laid out the facts for them:
  • The deceptively edited videos produced by the group don’t come close to showing any criminal activity.
  • The videos place providers at risk with their lies.
The remarks were made as the National Abortion Federation asked for a preliminary injunction that would continue to block the release of secret recordings of the Federation’s meetings. The judge, who previously issued a temporary restraining order blocking the recordings pending the outcome of the preliminary injunction hearing, did not issue an immediate ruling — but he did agree with the Federation’s assertion that the release of audio and video would put members in danger — just as the heavily-edited “baby parts” videos cost lives. CBS reports:
Orrick seemed to agree, saying doctors who have appeared in videos released by the center have received death threats. He also cited suspected arson at abortion clinics and the November shooting at the Colorado Springs Planned Parenthood clinic that left three people dead and nine wounded.
A law enforcement source told CBS News justice and homeland security correspondent Jeff Pegues that as suspect Robert Lewis Dear was being taken into custody after the Nov. 27 shooting, Dear said “no more baby parts.”
During a court hearing earlier this month, Dear declared, “I am guilty, there will be no trial. I am a warrior for the babies.”
After the shooting, Planned Parenthood officials also linked the attack to the “negative environment” created by the anti-abortion critics of Planned Parenthood services.
Catherine Short, an attorney for the Center for Medical Progress, said there was no evidence the Colorado shooter was motivated by her organization’s videos, despite Dear’s clear admissions that they were not only a contributing factor — but were his solemotivation. She also says that there is no evidence that abortion doctors have been threatened, despite that this is a daily reality abortion providers face at the hands of the “pro-life” crowd.
Short argues that the secretly-made recordings are vital to the national discussion on abortion. “It’s beyond dispute that this material is of significant public interest,” Short said. “I don’t think this court should be saying the public can’t handle the truth.
But the National Abortion Federation counters that the recordings are a violation of agreements the center entered into not to record any meetings or discussions at its conferences or disclose information learned at its conferences to any third party without the Federation’s concent.
“Here clearly, our expectation was that we were creating a safe place for our people to dialogue and learn and address problems,” Linda Shostak, an attorney for the National Abortion Federation, explained. She says that evidence of a crime would, of course, override confidentiality agreements, but as the judge noted: there was no crime.
This news has infuriated conservatives. At right-wing conspiracy theory website World Net Daily, anti-sanity “pro-lifers” went practically insane, insisting that crimes were absolutely committed — and, yes, blaming Obama:
“It’s weird that the judge is concerned about Planned Parenthood being targeted but not too worried about the hundreds of thousands of babies getting tossed into trash cans in America each year,” writes Young Conservatives’ Andrew Mark Miller. “There is no justification for these acts and there is no getting away from that.” Miller apparently didn’t get the memo that not a single crime was committed:
So let me get this straight.
Planned Parenthood officials are caught on video admitting to crimes.  And that’s not enough evidence?
The officials are on video talking about altering the abortion process to perform partial birth abortions which help harvest organs more efficiently.  A crime.  They are also on video haggling about how much money they are going to charge for “transportation costs”.  Also a crime.
Not enough for this judge apparently.
Unfortunately, though Planned Parenthood has weathered several attempts to defund it, congressional investigations, hearings, and a battery of other attacks from the Right, the damage has been done: Thanks to conservative rhetoric, lives continue to be placed at risk as men like Robert Dear listen to and absorb the lies. How much longer until another unhinged “Christian” terrorist flies off the rails and decides to be a “warrior for the babies” as Dear did? How many more lives will be lost to the deluded extremism that conservatism has become?


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