22 Dec 2015

Bette Midler Hilariously Reminds Us Of Mistake FAR Worse Than Crowning Wrong Miss Universe

Everyone makes mistakes in life. Some, however, make much more visible and embarrassing mistakes that they will never ever be able to live down. Steve Harvey just had one of those moments at the Miss Universe pageant when he announced the wrong country as the winner of the coveted title. As it turns out, he didn’t practice prior to making the announcement, and the phrase “practice makes perfect” was never proven more right at that particular moment.
However, to add some perspective to that terribly embarrassing moment for Steve Harvey and the women who were crowned, entertainer extraordinaire Bette Midler reminded us all that even though that was bad, it could have been much, much worse.
As most of us can recall, the 2000 presidential election was a giant, horrific mess that ended with confusion, recounts, and a Supreme Court decision. In the end, the Supreme Court crowned appointed declared George W. Bush the winner, and unfortunately Al Gore conceded without much of a fight.
Midler tweeted out:
“Wrong Miss Universe crowned last night. For 2 minutes. Remember when that happened with our President in 2000 and we had to keep him 8 years?”

Oh, but we do remember, unfortunately. The saddest part about all that, even though 9/11/01 happened on W’s watch, and even though he started two unfunded wars, one based completely on a lie, the country legitimately reelected him in 2004. Why? Who knows? Lead poisoning?
That election night in 2000 is one for the books, especially if that book is titled “Most Embarrassing Things To Ever Happen To A Democracy.” We ended up with one of the worst presidents in United States history, all because of a mix up at the ballot box in a state where W’s brother just happened to be governor.
Lesson to learn from all this? Mistakes happen, and some are definitely worse than others. So, Steve Harvey, it’s okay. The Supreme Court messed up far worse than you ever could.


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