4 Nov 2015

This Old WW2 Bunker Is Used For Underground Farming

When you think of gardens and farms, you don't necessarily think of an abandoned air raid shelter that is 100 feet under the streets of London. But that didn't stop these 2 lifelong friends from trying. Richard Ballard and Steven Dring moved to London from the rural West Country of England. They had spent a lot of time in the family farm growing up, and when they moved to London, they found themselves constantly arguing at the pub about the future of the world in regards to oil, energy, and food. They started discussing the fact that the population of London is set to grow by 3,000,000 people within the next 10 years. This caused them to be a little concerned. Rather than just arguing about it at the pub though, they decided to actually do something about it. And just like that, Zero Carbon Foods (ZCF) was created.

Zero Carbon Foods (ZCF) decided to turn this old World War II Air Raid Shelter into their main growing location for their foods. When the original shelter was built, the government had plans to turn the tunnel into an Express Northern line tube, but the money was never raised and that was the end of that making the space available.


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