27 Nov 2015

It’s Official: Thousands More Women Donating to Bernie Sanders Than Hillary Clinton

The myth of the “Bernie bro” has exploded.
Hillary Clinton, the current Democratic presidential front-runner and former Secretary of State, has cast herself as the candidate for women. But according to numbers released by the campaigns, Bernie Sanders’ campaign boasts 70,000 more women donors than the well-heeled Clinton machine.
The last campaign finance reports, filed at the end of September, show Clinton’s campaign claiming to have 240,000 women donorssince the beginning of her candidacy on April 12. But Vermont senator Bernie Sanders’ campaign reports 301,154 women donors since he began his run for the presidency on April 30.
Even though Clinton boasts that she has a 16-point advantage in percentages of female voters, Sanders claims more individual donors than Clinton, according to the campaigns’ numbers. While Sanders reported 689,000 individual donors, Clinton’s campaign claimed 400,000. If 60 percent of Clinton’s 400,000 donors are women as she claims, that’s 240,000 women donors. This means Sanders’ count of 301,154 women donors means 71,000 more women contributed to his campaign than Hillary Clinton’s.
The media has spent much of this campaign season dismissing Bernie Sanders’ campaign for the Democratic presidential nomination and hyping the inevitability of Hillary Clinton.  A popular theme among left-leaning media outlets is pushing a narrative of white, twenty-something “Bernie bros” driving women and people of color away from the campaign.
“He’s the pick of men who like feminism more when it’s pushing birth control pills than pushing women into office,” wrote Salon author Amanda Tarcotte.
In an article for The Atlantic called Here Comes the Berniebro, the featured image at the top of the article shows a small snippet of an audience at a Bernie Sanders rally — 7 of those in the photo are women, and six are people of color. The erasure of women and people of color from Bernie’s supporters is a form of discrimination.
Hillary Clinton hinted Sanders was sexist when he mentioned Americans “shouting about gun violence,” saying she was being accused of shouting for being an outspoken woman. Sanders laughed off the accusations, saying Clinton was “taking words and misapplying them.” He added that he was proud of his record standing up for women’s rights in Congress, and that his reference was to the heated national debate about gun violence, which involves “shouting” from both sides.


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