9 Oct 2015

Visiting the Beretta factory in Italy

The imposing 18th Century house of Beretta

The roof is made of brick instead of wood so that if there was a fire (think heaps of gunpowder), the house didn't burn down
The river Mella
Nice view up the valley with parts of the old Beretta factory
The Museum
This is the former gun shop where they used to do business. Today, it is their museum, showcasing the history of their product. There are also collections of iconic rifles, shotguns and pistols from other manufacturers.
The first reference to Beretta
This is a receipt for 185 arquebus rifles dated 1526
A selection of pistols, including the iconic 92 FS
1/10 Custom FS
Celebrating an anniversary with the US military. Number 1 of a limited run of 10
Diamond encrusted FS
1 of 1. Another celebration of some milestone or another for the 92. Yes, they're real diamonds
Pistols that helped make Beretta
The clockwork pistol up the top was so successful that it is said to be responsible for Beretta lasting as long as it has
Ornate mechanism artwork
over-the-top design work on an old flint-lock rifle
Quadruple barrelled rifle
So ridiculous.
Hand engraved flintlock
1928 Thompson
1928 Thompson
Variants of the Rx4 Storm
Trigger assembly station
Automated manufacture station
Barrel room
Beretta Due
A rack of finished DT-11s
Custom jobs in progress
Closeup of a custom plate for a shotgun.
Closeup of another custom plate
In progress break switch for a custom job


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