7 Oct 2015

‘Paradise Discotheque’- Eeire Photos of Italy’s Abandoned Discotheques

Antonio La Grotta, Italy-based photographer documented the decaying remains of Italy’s abandoned discotheques, with compelling series entitled ‘Paradise Discotheque.’

The majority of the clubs La Grotta visited were built during the boom period in the 1980s with the exception of the Woodpecker, built in the 1960s by Filippo Monti.

“Its structure is quite unique: a series of walkways around a small pond connect several artificial islands, one of which hosts a huge fiberglass dome, which reproduces the proportions of the dome built by Brunelleschi in Florence,” La Grotta told Slate. “Unfortunately, the club did not last very long because of the location. It was very humid and there were a lot of mosquitoes and frogs inside the room. In the early 1970s it closed for good.”


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