30 Oct 2015

Ben Carson has a decade long financial relationship with cancer-scam supplement company

Presidential candidate Ben Carson claimed during the third republican debate this week that he never had a relationship with Mannatech, the dietary supplement company which was busted for falsely claiming that its proverbial magic beans cured everything from cancer to autism. But it turns out Carson has been consistently serving as a paid shill for the company for a decade, and has been caught claiming that the product did indeed cure cancer.
The first documentation of Ben Carson’s relationship with Mannatech is in 2004, in which he gave a paid speech to pyramid scheme recruits in which he claimed that his own prostate cancer had been cured by the dietary supplement; later he ended up having prostate surgery anyway. Despite his attempts at writing that off as a one-time paid gig, it now turns out that Carson has continued doing paid speeches for Mannatech through at least the year 2013. That comes four years after the company was forced to settle for millions after its fraudulent nature was revealed.
It’s not clear whether Ben Carson is in more hot water with mainstream Americans for the fact that he knowingly hawked a fake cancer cure for cash for a decade while also working as a doctor, or the fact that he’s been caught lying about it. But even as the mainstream increasingly concludes that he’s a mentally compromised individual in need of mental help, republican primary voters continue to push him higher in the polls. 


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