10 Oct 2015

Baltimore Police can find no records to support Ben Carson's robbery claim

Ben Carson claimed this week that he was once held at gunpoint at a Popeye’s chicken restaurant in Baltimore, and that he survived by telling the gunman to go focus on the cashier instead of himself. If that story isn’t disturbing enough on its face, the idea that he acted so selfishly and is now bragging about it, Carson may have another problem: the Baltimore Police Department says it can find no record of the supposed incident.
While numerous Americans have been robbed at gunpoint at some point in their lives, Ben Carson has had a difficult time getting mainstream Americans to believe his story. The primary reason: he’s made so many absurd statements about everything from slavery to the Holocaust to magic cancer cures to his disbelief in gravity, that many are unsure whether anything he says can be taken at face value. That prompted the media to try to confirm his story.
In response to those requests, the Baltimore PD posted via their official Twitter account that they can’t find any evidence of a “police report in reference to the incident.” That doesn’t mean the incident doesn’t happen. But with an unhinged candidate like Ben Carson making increasingly bizarre claims by the day, it would have helped his credibility if anyone could confirm that the supposed robbery really happened. But there’s the question: what’s more disturbing, the idea that Carson made up this story to try to promote his pro-gun agenda, or the possibility that this disturbing story really did happen?


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