29 Sep 2015

The Underwater Museum Dedicated To Fallen Communist Heroes

Off the western tip of the Crimean Peninsula in the Black Sea is an underwater museum dedicated to fallen Soviet icons. Just a 12-meter dive into the warn, clear water, tourists can swim and look at over 50 sculptures. 
Cape Tarkhankut is at the western tip of the Crimean Peninsula. There, the hot and humid climate is counterbalanced with the refreshing, clear, and beautiful Black Sea. 
Since the water is so clean and clear it is possible to see as far as 30 feet into the sea and get a glimpse of the underwater museum "Alley of Leaders." 
In 1992, when the Iron Curtain came crumbling down and Soviet Russia collapsed, diver Vladimir Borumensky collected countless discarded figures of Communist leaders, such as Lenin, Stalin, and Marx. 
Borumensky then took the abandoned busts and figures and turned them into an underwater museum named "Alley of Leaders."
The Alley of Leaders has grown substantially over the past 20 years. It now includes over 50 sculptures, such as a replica of the Eiffel Tower and the London Bridge. 
The Alley of Leaders is divided into two "rooms" by the original arch. One room consists of famous Communist politicians and leaders, the other is dedicated to sculptures of important landmarks and art.  
In order to visit the Alley of Leaders, you must have at least basic diving skills. 
Here, a sculpture of Vladimir Lenin is depicting the iconic Soviet leader hard at work writing his manifesto. 
The organizers of the Alley of Leaders are always open to adding new sculptures to the underwater museum, Communist leaders or otherwise. 


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