3 Sep 2015

The Perfect Argument To Shut Down ‘Illegals Are Stealing Our Jobs’ Rhetoric (IMAGE)

One of the biggest bits of propaganda conservatives love to use to hate on immigrants is when then say, “These illegals are stealing our jobs!”
It’s a bullshit lie and those who came up with it likely know this very well. It’s the same lie that was told to poor white people in the south before the end of slavery: “If the slaves are freed, they’ll take your jobs!” Then those same poor, out of work white people lined up behind the Civil War to fight for themselves to still have no jobs.
Here’s the thing, what jobs are they stealing? The farming jobs that pay next to nothing? The ones where employers can get away with paying poverty wages? Are those the jobs they are “stealing?” Are those the jobs you want? Because, guess what? They already have those jobs and it’s highly unlikely you’re waiting in line to get one.
If it’s not one of those poverty wage jobs, and it’s a better paying gig, here’s an image that should shut you up immediately:
It reads:
“If an undocumented person with no connections in America and without knowing English can steal YOUR JOBS… we feel sorry for you!!”
NO ONE is stealing your job. If you were the right person for the job they would’ve hired you. Plain and simple. And if an undocumented immigrant is hired instead of you and this angers you — blame the employer. They are the ones who hired them.
It’s not like an immigrant can just stroll across the border, walk up to you, then take your job like a bully steals milk money on the playground at school. Common sense should tell anyone this, but common sense is about as common as a fact on Fox News amongst some conservatives.
No one is stealing your job. Nope. It’s bullshit propaganda to get you to hate immigrants and be against proper immigration reform. Why? Because if undocumented workers all of a sudden became legally documented, these employers would be required to pay at least the minimum wage. And really, what’s worse than paying a fair wage? (sarcasm)
Wake up, people. You’re being scammed. Not by the immigrants, but by some of these supposed “business owners” you love to keep high on a pedestal and worship. They’re the ones keeping you down, because the farther down you are, the higher up they’ll be.
Featured Image: southpark.cc.com


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