2 Sep 2015

The Haunted Buildings Are Scary, The Stories Even Scarier (10 Pics)

1. The Bangharh Fort in India is home to some pretty wild rumors. Local authorities advise tourists to avoid the area after dusk, and locals give it a wide berth no matter what time of day. It's said that a sorcerer cast a curse on the fort and surrounding town when he was spurned in his advances toward a princess. The city was over run and destroyed by an advancing army not long after the sorcerer cursed it, leaving only the temples standing as evidence the city was ever there. It is said the spirit of this magic wielder comes back to the fort every night. Visitors say that birds and other wildlife become deathly silent at night when the sorcerer approaches. No one has ever been documented as entering at night. Would you?
2. Located in Borley, near Sudbury, UK is the "Borley Rectory". It is reportedly the "most haunted house in England". The house was built in 1863 for a Reverend Henry Bull, and it sits directly on top of the site of the ancient monastery. Legend has it that a nun fell in love with a monk from the Borley Monastery, which caused quite a scandal. They attempted to elope together but were quickly hunted down. The monk was hung, and the nun was bricked up into the cellar of the monastery. The nun's ghost has been seen frequently walking along a path known now as the "Nuns Walk"
3. This one should be recognizable to any horror movie buffs out there. This is the hotel that inspired the Stephen King novel, and eventual movie (both of which are fantastic) The Shining. Stephen King actually made a stay at the real life hotel named The Stanley in Estes Park, Colorado, U.S. King has said he heard ghost children playing in the hallway (sound familiar?). Numerous ghosts are said to haunt the establishment with workers and guests alike reporting having seen actual ghosts, hearing faint music coming from the ballroom, and the piano keys moving when no one is playing.
4. Edinburgh Castle is considered by many to be one of the most haunted spots in Scotland, and Edinburgh itself is considered to be one of the most haunted spots throughout Europe. The castle is said to be home to quite a few spirits. Guests have reported seeing a headless drummer, a phantom piper, the spirits of French prisoners from The Seven Years War, prisoners spirits from The American Revolutionary War, and even a dog spirit wandering around the dog cemetery that is on the grounds.
5. This is the Skirrid Mountain Inn in Llanfihangel Crucorney, Wales, and it has a very dark past. It is 900 years old, and in that long history over 180 people are rumored to have been hung from a beam that is still in the Inn, which is said to have been an old courtroom. There are even rope marks still along the beam. Paranormal activity is abound here as glasses will often fly off the shelf across the room with no provocation. Patrons have reported seeing faces in windows and feeling nooses tighten around their necks. How creepy is that? Guests who stay the night are often awoken in the night to freezing room temperatures even with the heat on, and will often get the feeling they are being watched. The most active spirit among many at the Inn is considered to be Fanny Price, a 17th century bar maid. 
6. This gorgeous building is the Woodchester Mansion, and it is actually a building that has never been finished. For over 200 years now, workers have fled the mansion after strange paranormal activity has occurred. Rumors have it that 7 builders on the house have died in inexplicable accidents. Sounds of falling masonry and screams of horror have been heard from the house on numerous occasions. Ghosts of Roman soldiers and young girls have also been seen in and around the house.

7. This place is somewhere I would simply refuse to go. The Parisian Catacombs are famously known as the site of some horrific finds. The city of Paris grew at a pretty rapid pace in the 1700's. During this time the city used cemeteries to bury their dead as most others did. However, when city expansion left them with little to no room to bury bodies, it was decided that a series of quarries underneath the streets of Paris would be used to house the city's dead. Between 1786 and 1788, all the bodies of Paris's cemeteries were moved to the catacombs underneath the city. Everything was done with reverence and respect. The bodies were always moved at night and accompanied by priests. No bones were laid to rest anywhere in the catacombs until the area had been blessed as well. The submerged tunnels were used as the final resting place for Parisians until 1814. It is estimated that between 6-7 million people call these catacombs their final home.

8. The Tower of London is absolutely world-renowned for its plethora of paranormal activity. A wife of Henry VIII was beheaded in the tower in 1536. Many people have said they have seen her ghost, who is sometimes carrying her head, on Tower Green and Tower Chapel Royal. Other famous ghosts that supposedly occupy the towers are Henry VI, Thomas Becket and Sir Walter Raleigh. The story of the Countess of Salisbury is one of the more horrific to come out of the towers. She was convicted of "criminal acts" and sentenced to be hanged in 1541. It is widely assumed now that she was most likely innocent of these crimes however. As she was approaching the scaffold, she struggled and tried to run only to end up being hacked to death by the axe man. It is said that spirits reenact the scene of her death in the tower.
9. This is the Bell Farm in Adams, TN. This haunting remains to this day the only accepted instance in the paranormal community where a ghost is known to have killed someone. From the years between 1817 and 1821, a female entity who become known as the "Bell Witch" or "Kate" harassed John Bell so much that he eventually died. He did have a nervous system disorder however, and "Kate's" antics are said to have caused it to become worse.
10. We save possibly the best for last. Jamaica is normally known as a place of peace, good vibes, and serenity. Rose Hall in Montego Bay however seems like an entirely different place. The stories about this place are pretty intense. It is said this huge plantation house is inhabited by the ghost of a voodoo priestesses' daughter, Annie Palmer. Her 11 year reign of terror was ended when she was murdered in her bed. During her reign however, it is said that Annie murdered three husbands by poison, strangulation, and even witchcraft. She is also said to have murdered countless slaves, and forced the others to carry the bodies to the beach to be buried. That's gotta be it, right? Not by long shot. It is not only her spirit that is said to haunt the halls of this tropical mansion. The ghosts of slave babies she sacrificed during her witchcraft rituals are said to linger in the house. The voices of her male victims can also be heard throughout the house, and some even say they have been captured on camera.


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