19 Sep 2015

South African Secret Golf Hole Accessed By Helicopter

Forget your local pitch and putt, this mammoth Par 3 is one of golf's greatest challenges - and that's just getting to the tee!
The Extreme 19th is the world's longest Par 3, measuring 391 yards, and challengers can only access the tee by helicopter.
Sitting atop South Africa's Hanglip Mountain, at 400 meters tall it is also the globe's highest hole, meaning it takes almost 30 seconds for any tee shot to reach the Africa-shaped green below.
There's the hole.... way down there!
I  wonder if you yell four, if anyone can actually hear you?
Here's the helicopter taking golfers up and down the mountain.
Even though it seems like a lot of work to get back and forth from this particular hole, the surroundings are absolutely stunning, making it all worth it.
Check out this incredible video:


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