8 Sep 2015

Man transforms an old van into a cozy little house (25 Pics)

With the population around the world growing exponentially every single day, we are running out of space and resources. Cities are growing faster than ever and more and more areas are turning into concrete jungles. Climate change has become a serious issue as well as the amount of garbage and waste being produced. With all these frightening issues, seemingly getting worse and worse, people are starting to take action. I'm starting to see more and more recycling centers, I'm seeing more fuel efficient cars, I'm seeing alternative energy sources starting to emerge from brilliant engineers. These are all huge advancements in a sustainable society. Perhaps the thing I'm noticing the most is that people are starting to cut back and live with what they need rather than what they want. It seems that it has become rather attractive these days to find a small space and convert it into a completely functional home. People are starting to get off the grid in some very creative small spaces. The bills are significantly lower to nonexistent, the maintenance is minimal to say the least, and the resources to enjoy a small home will cost you next to nothing. Combine the loss of all that stress with the ability to have everything you need and be anywhere you want in the world and you've got it made! While some people enjoy a giant lavish place to call home, others don't think it's necessary and would rather live simply in order to simply live. That is the mentality of one free spirited man named Dipa Vasudeva Das. He didn't want to be locked down with a mortgage, forced to live in one place while paying off his debt. He had an entirely different idea and the first step to execute his perfect lifestyle was to purchase an old, reliable, and huge cargo van. His plans would require a lot of work but they would offer a lifetime of adventure in the end.


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