15 Sep 2015

Lyubov Orlova Ghost ship carrying cannibal rats

Could you imagine purchasing a nice piece of land that offers you oceanfront property, only to get word that there is an abandoned ship headed your way. Well an abandoned ship isn't THAT bad! The part that is bad is that the ship is now full of cannibal rats, who have survived on this ship by eating each other. You can't blow the ship up due to the debris that would land in the ocean and be harmful for sea life, not to mention all the garbage that would come ashore. And you don't want it to reach shore in case the rats somehow get off the boat and invade the ocean's shore. So what are you supposed to do? Here is a little history of the Lyubov Orlova!
The Lyubov Orlova is a ship that was made in Yugoslavia. It was designed so the Russians could take some of their most elite citizens on tours of Antarctica and the Arctic Circle. It was designed to withstand these extremely cold waters with Finnish-Swedish Ice Glass 1A in order to break through any ice that may be floating in the ocean.

Over the years, the ship was sold to a variety of different owners, the last owner being Cruise North Expeditions. They were ready to set sail but the trip was canceled due to some issues with the ship that made it unsafe for travel. In 2010, the ship was impounded in Newfoundland, Canada and then sold in 2012 to a company called Neptune International Shipping to be turned into scrap metal.

Once impounded, the Lyubov Orlova ws docked for two years in St. John's harbor. It was then decided that it would be towed from this harbor down to the Dominican Republic. It was originally tugged by Charlene Hunt, a tug boat owned by American tug operator Hunt Marine. This all began on January 27, 2013. But one day after they left the dock, the tow line parted. They tried to reconnect, but due to horrible weather they were not able to get the tow line connected again. This caused the Lyubov Orlovo to slowly drift east.


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