25 Aug 2015

[Pure Comedy Genius] Sarah Palin Battle Hymn - The Original Version!

A couple of good old tea party patriots have written a battle hymn in honour of Mrs Palin. You really could not make this up. Pure Genius, but not in the way they intended.  
The lyrics of the masterpiece are as follows:  
Verse one:
She’s a cold blast from Alaska ingrained with common sense
She’s not a Harvard lawyer but she knew what the Founders meant
A cold blast from the north that freezes Congress in their tracks
With God and the Tea Party, she’s gonna take it back
Sarah Palin she won’t listen to their bunk
Sarah Palin coming South to hunt some skunk
Sarah Palin she’ll throw ’em all in jail
Verse two:
And when she gets to Washington it’ll be cold as hell
Sarah has the wisdom to walk through an open door
She’s stomping out the wretches where the evil lies in store
She will scrub the floors and sweep the riff-raff into cracks
With God and the Tea Party, she’s gonna take it back
Watch the video here:

The Sarah Palin Battle Hymn

Sorry there is no sarc tag - but this is for real! hehehe 
Saraaaaaaaah’s marching ooonnnnnnnnnnnn ooooonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn
Oh My! Blooming marvelous! 


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