23 Aug 2015

NYC’s Incredible Hidden Gem (13 Pics)

The outside may not look like much, but the inside of New York City's Morgan Library and Museum is like something you'd find in a much-older European town, not exactly the city that brought the world Sbarro Pizza and Donald Trump... but it's right in the heart of the Big Apple. It was originally the private collection of super-rich banker J.P. Morgan, and it houses art, rare books (hello, original Gutenberg Bible), plus rotation exhibits and installations. It was built between 1902 and 1906, but it wasn't until 1924 that his son, Jack, realized that he was sitting on a collection that was too important to remain private-- everyone should be able to have access to the many rare items his father had acquired. 

Included in the library are old illuminated manuscripts, original works by Mozart, Thoreau's journals, Rembrandt etchings, a Dickens manuscript of A Christmas Carol, plus letters from countless historical figures ranging from Jane Austen and Albert Einstein to Abraham Lincoln and John Steinbeck. There are treasures from Egypt, Rome, Mesopotamia, the Middle Ages, The Qing Dynasty, the Renaissance, and more. Seriously, how is this place not world-famous???
All that, plus the really unique rotating installations and exhibits are totally cool, but the 1906 library is definitely the main attraction. The whole room is lavishly decorated, from floor to ceiling. It was recently restored to its former glory, complete with period antiques and the three original chandeliers...plus all the paintings, murals and mosaics were cleaned and new artifacts were put on display. It's breathtaking, and almost overwhelming how much there is to look at.


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