28 Aug 2015

Michigan Woman Sexually Assaulted In Home, Threatened With Eviction By Building

A Michigan woman was sexually assaulted in her own apartment by a maintenance worker hired by the apartment complex.
Cynthia Clarke, a 54 year old Sterling Heights resident, said a 28-year-old maintenance worker arrived at her Ashgrove apartment on July 23 to install mouse traps. Clarke had called maintenance to set up the traps, and the maintenance worker was hired through a temp agency, according to WJBK
After the traps were installed, the worker proceeded with an inappropriate comment towards Clarke. 
"He started, 'You're very sexy to me' and I was just like, what?" Clarke said. 
Clarke alleges the man began fondling himself, then her. He later became forceful. 
"He pushed me onto my bed. When I pushed myself back up, he came over my shoulder. He had his pants halfway down," she said. 
After notifying police, Clarke went to her building manager, who quickly denounced her story. 
"The apartment complex told me to shut up, don't say nothing to nobody," Clarke said. 
Elon Property Management released a statement following the incident. 
"An extremely disturbing and outrageous incident was brought to our attention last week involving an Ashgrove resident…We can confirm that in no way was an Elon employee involved in this incident. Elon is committed to the safety of all of our residents and has a zero tolerance for any sexual misconduct," the statement read. 
Police say an arrest has been made involving the incident. 
A national report found that one-fourth of female victims of rape/sexual assault were victimized by strangers.


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