11 Aug 2015

Loneliest road in America There’s plenty of time to think on Route 50 (8 Pics)

THEY call it the loneliest road in America, 558km of bitumen winding through the desert valleys and over the snow-capped mountain ranges of Nevada.
The section of Route 50 stretching from Fernley to Baker was given the nickname in a mocking article in Life magazine in 1986. The magazine quoted a car repair man in the area as saying: “It’s totally empty. There are no points of interest. We don’t recommend it. We warn all motorists not to drive there unless they’re confident of their survival skills.”
Rather like much of Australia, then. But the state’s tourism board has jumped on the marketing opportunity, erecting a sign informing drivers of their isolation. It has prompted many adventurers to eschew the US’s more obvious highways (we’re looking at you, Route 66) for a road less travelled


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