21 Aug 2015

How A Dad Installed An Epic Backyard Playground (21 Pics)

One summer day, Reddit user and father of two itsjoeco decided that his backyard could be a little more kid-friendly. So he did like many other parents have done before him and built his kids an awesome playground. But, like many other moms and dads find, his backyard needed a bit of a clean before anything could be done...

The corner of the yard was unused and overgrown.

The thicket and center tree were removed to make room for what was to come.

The tree was cut into logs. Some could be reused, while others were carted off to the local conservation center for composting.

While his wife was a bit concerned about the leftover wood, itsjoeco found a perfect use for the hollow pieces of the trunk.

Next, the overgrowth, mostly consisting of (invasive) bamboo, was removed.

With the trees down, it’s time to get to work clearing the brush from the overgrown area. I’m blessed with some great helpers!
Cleaning up this mess is no fun. I’m spending a lot of the weekends between our house and the conservation center, disposing of refuse.

A portion of our backyard was once a pond. In 1929 the town tore down our train station and filled in the pond with its remains. We find parts of the old train station everywhere we dig. It’s great for my kids, because who doesn’t want a train station buried in their backyard?

According to itsjoeco, his yard used to be a pond in the 1920s. In 1929, the town tore down its train station and used it to fill in this pond. That meant while they were digging, the family found pieces of the train station all over the place.

...As well as what they think is a Boy Scout belt buckle.

If we later run a story about a family whose playground is haunted by the ghost of a Boy Scout, you'll know why. (We're kidding.)

Finally, the perimeter was laid out.

Then, the pieces of the new project arrived.

It was assembled, and then a retaining wall was built using pieces of the felled tree.

A little help came from their neighbor...

When the project was done, it was time to step back and admire it.

 Promontory summit!


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