29 Aug 2015

A Dog Found Lying In The Streets Is Rescued (14 Pics)

Earlier today, when I got home from running errands, I found two dogs running the streets in my neighborhood. A beautiful brindle french bulldog and a black Pekingese.  Because I can't ignore dogs running lose for fear of them getting hit by a car, and simply to help the owners find their pets, I lured the dogs to my house with nothing more than attention.  Luckily, I soon found the owners who were out scouring the streets looking for the runaway dogs.  I always try to help loose dogs because I hope someone would do the same for my dogs if they ever got out without my knowledge.  As someone with a very high regard for animals, I can't imagine anyone who can see an animal in need and turn a blind eye.  That is why I am so partial to stories about hurt, injured, and abandoned dogs who are taken in by people who donate their time, money, and energy to rescuing these animals who don't have loving owners to care for them. This is a story of a dog who was named Bethany. She was found on the streets and rescued by Hope For Paws and Bill Foundation who paid for her treatment.  The transformation of this poor animal is the reason people get addicted to helping dogs. Here is Bethany's Story:

After receiving a call about an injured dog living on the streets, a rescue team from Bill Foundation went out to find her. 
Bethany had severe skin injections and her paws were swollen and painful. 
Most dogs who have lived on the streets are weary of people, but Bethany seemed friendly. She must have had a family at some point in time earlier in her life. We will never know how she ended up in this condition, living on her own.
Here she was, safely in the car and headed towards the beginning of a new life! You couldn't even tell what type of dog she was because she was missing so much fur due to parasites. 
After diagnosing her with severe Demodex mange as well as bacterial infections, Bethany was given a medicated bath as the first steps toward recovery. 
Those poor swollen paws! They make me hurt just looking at them! However, Bethany is handling her bath like a champ! What a sweetheart!
After her bath, she was fitted with an Elizabethan collar to prevent her from chewing and licking her wounds which would slow healing, as well as preventing her from removing the IV Catheter which was rehydrating her after spending so much time on the streets!
Only 3 days after her rescue and the swelling is already going down and the hair is starting to come back in!

Day 5 and her paws are no longer red and swollen and she is starting to look a lot more comfortable! 

Day 6 and her personality is coming through! She is looking and acting like the beautiful dog she is!
Day 36 and you would never know a little over a month ago she was living on the streets and so weak she could hardly stand!
What I love about dogs is that they are so loving and forgiving, even after going through hell.  Her story hasn't kept her from finding happiness with her foster family!
She is happy and healthy and has made lots of doggy friends in her foster home!
This lucky dog is looking for a forever home! A home that will love and spoil her as she deserves!


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