1 Jul 2015

Excellent Graph on the Causes of Mass Shootings the MSM Won’t Talk About

Liberals claim it’s the gun’s fault that people are shot. They say those “crazy” law abiding, gun toting citizens are to blame. And what about those licensed gun dealers who make the weapons so readily available? I’m sure they caused the shootings, too?
Wrong. It’s not the law abiding, gun owning, licensed individuals who cause mass shootings. It’s much simpler than that.
In light of uprisings from recent mass shootings, here’s a great graphic describing the true cause behind the tragedies…
If everyone understood the real reason we have mass shootings, perhaps politicians would be less focused on creating gun control laws and more focused on not infringing on our Constitutional rights.


  1. All gun laws are void on there face and will always be, I make my gun laws and nobody else.

  2. "Hey, get that graphic out of here! We have brains to wash, ya know!" -voice echoing up from a rabbit hole

  3. the cheezewizzard1 July 2015 at 16:14

    let's see...in every "mass shooting "mentally disturbed people who don't care about laws are involved....i think they would also need a gun too...sort of like the police...who are never mentally disturbed and only shoot when you are reaching for a non existent weapon...or have your hand wrapped in a towel or have been tazed and are sprinting away at a blazing 3mph on foot or are homeless in downtown L.A....guns don't kill people....it's the sudden massive blood loss...yeah guns are cool.