30 Jul 2015

Australian photographer Frank Hurley captured history in iconic images (22 Pics)

Frank Hurley survived the bloody battlefields of both world wars and Antarctic shipwrecks to become a history-making photographer.
But, according to a new book, he was never liked by those he made famous.
Photos of famed adventurers Douglas Mawson and Ernest Shackleton along with images of the Western Front and Tobruk ensure they'll be remembered forever - Hurley's exploits though go largely unheralded.
'He was a Forrest Gump type character with a camera, he just kept turning up at the biggest events of the 20th century to take amazing images,' said novellist Tim Griffiths.
'They didn't like him, yes he was his own worst enemy but they wouldn't be as famous if it wasn't for him, I think he is so under-rated.'


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