2 Jun 2015

‘Unbelievable’ Video Lays Out The Human Cost of World War II

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A video presentation on World War II is catching a lot of buzz online. World War II was the bloodiest conflict in human history. But it’s hard to put that in perspective.
In a stunning presentation, Neil Halloran, a data visualizer, lays out estimates of the human toll wrought in every battle and atrocity, country by country.
An estimated 70 million or more died in the war. The scale of the bloodshed is simply unimaginable.
This is why Halloran set out to illustrate in a way that drives home the realities of the war and its cost to humanity.

The video has gotten a lot of attention since Memorial Day, with most commenters expressing surprise over the death tolls.

Halloran notes that some of these numbers are contested, as the exact numbers are impossible to calculate.
Take a look at this amazing presentation and let us know what you think.
Did you have any idea how great the loss of life during World War II was?


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